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Quality is our Priority

Ocean harvested from the beautiful coast of St Lucia our sea moss gel is 100% wildcrafted organic and natural with zero additives. Our extensive cleaning and sea moss preparation process makes this the best gel on the market. You will receive your sea moss gel with peace of mind that it will be clean and fresh.

Grown in the clean and unpolluted waters of St Lucia, nourished by the ocean and naturally dried by the sun, providing you with one of nature's gifts in its purest form.

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Why Sea Life Moss?

Sea Life Moss - sea moss smoothies
Made With Love

From our hearts to yours, each product is handmade to order, infused with love and packaged with the hope that Sea Life Moss will help you on your health journey.

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100% Natural




Gluten Free

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Freshly made

All orders are handmade to order using the finest natural and organic premium ingredients for maximum quality and freshness.

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Your order will be sent out on the same day that it is prepared to ensure that you receive your sea moss gel as fresh as possible.

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